Our Story Is Our Promise

When he was young growing up in New York City, our Head of Product Research and Development, Jon Karl, remembers watching his mother put on skin creams and lotions every morning before work, and every evening before bed.

He would sit on the edge of her bed, and they would take turns sharing their day.

One morning, Jon remembers asking his mom a question he’s never asked before.

“Why do you rub that stuff on your face?” he asked. His mother turned to him, smiled.

‍“Because I like the way it makes me feel.”

It was that simple. No gimmicks. No retelling of what she heard from an advertisement. Jon’s mom loved it because of how it made her skin feel.

After graduating, Jon would devote his time to biochemistry research.

After years of struggling to find his calling, Jon turned his attention back to what inspired him— memories of being with his mother, her smile, her stories, and her simple answers to life.